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Treadmill: The 10 Benefits of Using One

When it comes to training indoors, athletes have a lot of different exercises and effective equipment to choose from to assist them in their sport or to achieve the level of fitness that they desire.  Equipment like treadmills means that people that want to stay in shape, improve their fitness, lose weight and/or train for competitions can do so in the comfort of their own homes. They are convenient for busy lifestyles.

Treadmills are also useful for a variety of people. Runners can stay fit in their sport when they can’t get outside to run because they are getting home too late at night, they have family commitments or when the weather makes running outside unpleasant. They are also useful for anyone looking for cardiovascular fitness. Here are the 10 benefits of using a treadmill.

Reduces Stress

Daily exercise reduces stress. When walking, jogging or running your body releases endorphins, which is a great way to enhance your mood.  You also have time to reflect on things without having to give much attention to the actual exercise you’re doing. Treadmills are easy to use so it requires very little effort or thought.  They can also be easily folded up if you need to create more space in your training room.

Reduces the Impact on the Body

Running on the road or on the trail can cause injuries. Treadmills are designed to reduce the impact on areas usually prone to injury while running. Runners often pick up knee, ankle, lower back and hip issues while running. They have shock absorption to prevent this from happening.  The consistent running surface also prevents runners from being injured due to stepping wrong on an uneven surface.

Assists with Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular fitness is important for everyone.  It’s not only about being fit for competitive sports. Cardiovascular fitness also reduces the risk of disease, it controls your weight, reduces your blood pressure and keeps your cholesterol down. You can reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and depression by exercising regularly.

Helps to Improve Bone Density and Lower Body Conditioning

Whether you are walking, jogging or running, treadmills assist with improving bone density and conditioning the lower body.

A Treadmill Can Improve your Running Technique

The treadmill console has a variety of program options like interval training, fat burning and hill climbing.  So you’re able to work on your pace or do specific hill work more purposefully while keeping full attention on your form while training.

Helps you Track your Progress

You have full control of speed and incline when running on a treadmill.  The digitised treadmill is able to record your routines allowing you to see where you’ve made progress as you consistently work through those routines.  Calories you’ve burnt can be tracked, which will allow you to manage your weight effectively.   Seeing your progress helps with improving your confidence and it helps to keep you motivated to continue training.

May be Useful for People with Certain Disabilities

the handles on a treadmill are helpful if you have mobility problems, who have difficulty with balance or you are recovering from an injury.  Treadmills also come with a safety tag so the treadmill will stop immediately if for any reason you are to fall off while on it.


Treadmills have many benefits.  So if you are looking to invest in one we suggest speaking to one of our well trained and experienced fitness consultants. There are many options to choose from and the perfect treadmill for you is out there. Let us help you find it.

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