Ergonomic Office Ball Chair

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  • Improves Posture & Spinal Alignment.
  • Builds Core Strength.
  • Ergonomic Back Support.
  • Anti-Burst Ball Can Be Removed For Exercise.
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The Fit-Chair is the best active sitting alternative to the traditional chair for both office and home use.

It provides ergonomic support, comfortable sitting, and spinal stabilization which improves your posture and supports the back.



Active sitting is the exact opposite of static sitting.

Static sitting is sitting when the seat is rigid and results in continuous mechanical loading of the muscles and tissues.  It contributes to adverse health effects. The human body does not adapt when staying for a long time in a restricted attitude. Abdominal muscles can not only relax others even lose their physical activity.

Prolonged spine stop, without physical movement and mobilization of the spinal canal, can reduce joint lubrication. This increases the stiffness, which can be detrimental to the health of our torso and waist. Traffic, especially in the legs, may also be adversely affected. In fact, back pain and movement discomfort are part of a rising warning snowball resulting partly from extensive static seat position.

Change your lifestyle and sit well to feel better.

Active Sitting, A New Way to Sit!



This innovative chair design will help provide good back posture to relieve lower back pains and stress on the spine.


Similar to the way a gym ball works, you can promote “active sitting” by bouncing up and down while you work.


Used as a standard gym exercise ball so you can put it up against the wall and do some squats or some push-ups on the ground.


The Fit-Chair even comes with fantastic lower back support so you would be in total comfort as you work on your lower back and legs.


An effective new age method to get some exercise inside the home or office, this Fit-Chair is perfect for the person that wants some exercise in their lives.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

Feature Highlights

Promotes Active Sitting.
Sit Better - Work Better.
Easy Assembly.
Integrated Ball Holder.
Solid Back Support.
Easy Wheel Lock.

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Ergonomic Office Ball Chair

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Ergonomic Office Ball Chair
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