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  • Body-Solid Commercial Bicep Curl Bench

    • Extra-Thick & Super Tough DuraFirm Upholstery.
    • Correct Angle To Isolate The Biceps.
    • Adjustable To Accommodate Any User.
    • Bench Set to a Perfect 30° Angle for Optimal Development.
    • Ideal For Home & Commercial Use.
  • Body-Solid Bench Press Leg Extension Leg Curl

    • Fully Adjustable Flat, Incline & Decline Bench.
    • Built-in Shoulder Press & Squat Rack.
    • Complete Leg Extension / Leg Curl Station.
    • Full Commercial Grade Construction.
    • Commercial Max Weight Capacity: 400KG.
  • Body-Solid 2-in-1 Squat Machine

    • Eliminates Potential Injury Risks While Squatting.
    • Commercial Heavy-Gauge Diamond Plate Platform.
    • No Direct Pressure On The Knees for Heavy Lifts.
    • Strain Is Taken Off The Lower Back with Squats.
    • Commercial Max Weight Capacity – 400KG Max.
  • Body-Solid Commercial Power Tower

    • Commercial 180KG Max User Weight.
    • Two People Can Train Simultaneously.
    • Knee Raises-Abs: Dips-Chest.
    • Full-Length Pull-Ups for Back/ Biceps.
    • Deep Push-Ups for Incredible Chest/Triceps.
  • Body-Solid Adjustable Ab Crunch Bench

    • Chrome Adjustable Upright – Incredibly Strong.
    • Adjusts To 12 Upright Positions for Increased Intensity.
    • 12 Adjustment Levels from 0 to 45 Degrees.
    • 40″ x 12″  DuraFirm™ Upholstery Back Pad.
    • Commercial Grade Steel and Upholstery.
  • Body-Solid Commercial Squat Rack

    • 2″x 3″ High Tensile Strength Steel Mainframe
    • Wide ‘Walk-In’ Design and Strong Safety Bars.
    • 7° Reverse Pitch Accommodating Natural Lifting Path
    • 14-Position Gunrack Can Handle Over 450KG.
    • Ideal For Home And Commercial Use.
  • Body-Solid Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown

    • Foot Brace For Low Pulley Lat Work.
    • Dual High and Low Pulley Integration.
    • Padded Lat Bar & Straight Bar.
    • Use With Standard & Olympic Plates.
    • Maximum Weight Capacity: 240kg
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