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4 Genius Ways to Choose Home Gym Equipment to you will Actually Use

Home gym equipment is a great convenience.  You’re able to work out when you want to without wasting time travelling to the gym and then waiting for equipment to become available.  Home gym equipment also means that your workout is also not weather dependent.  Your fitness can only improve with consistency.  The more convenient it is to exercise the more consistent you can be.

It’s easy to be consistent with your training when you have home gym equipment but it’s unfortunately even easier to end up using that same gym equipment as a clothing hanger.  To prevent that from happening we at Fitness Breakthru, walk our clients through a series of questions to ensure that they purchase home gym equipment that they will actually use.

We’re passionate about health and fitness and seeing people get results. We have over 40 years of experience in the industry competitively and commercially.  We continue to grow and improve our knowledge and expertise as new technology continues to transform the industry, which we’re excited to see.  We want to see people make Fitness Breakthru’s!

Here is how you can choose home gym equipment that you’ll actually use.

What results are you looking for from your home gym equipment?

You will need to purchase either strength or cardio machines, or both depending on the results that you are aiming for.  The specific strength and cardio equipment also need to be selected based on your specific goals and how you want to achieve them.

For instance, if you’re looking to burn calories and up your fitness level then you will need to invest in a cardio machine.  All cardio machines are designed to burn calories, improve circulation and strengthen your heart and lungs. All you need to do is choose a cardio machine you enjoy using on a consistent basis (at least 30 minutes daily or every second day). If you enjoy walking or running then a treadmill or elliptical trainer is ideal for you.

If you enjoy cycling then an upright bike, spin bike, recumbent bike or airbike will be ideal for you. If you enjoy paddling or rowing then an indoor rower is the way to go. Also, take your health challenges into consideration. For example, if you have joint or knee problems then look at “low impact” cardio equipment like upright bikes, spin bikes, airbikes or elliptical trainers. Certain cardio machines (like indoor rowers, airbikes and elliptical trainers) are more effective at elevating your heart rate and are ideal for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). *The reason why these machines are so effective at burning calories is that you are engaging more muscles groups.*

When it comes to building strength or changing the shape of your body nothing beats resistance training or weight-bearing exercises. Many people are apple or pear-shaped and if you only focus on cardio training then you will only become a smaller apple or pear-shaped person but your shape will remain unchanged. With strength equipment, you can.  We can assist you in making the correct decision to target your body’s problem areas. There are various options to do that.

Do you enjoy training with free weight equipment like barbells and dumbbells? If so, do you have the experience to train using free weights with the correct execution and form to get the results you deserve? If you find training with free weights intimidating you may be more comfortable using cable motion machines like multi gyms. Multi gyms are designed to help you train with the correct execution and form and target all the major muscle groups. We will assist you in making the correct decision in choosing the correct strength equipment to get the results you deserve.

Once you know what your goals are and how you’re more comfortable achieving them then consider your current level of training.

The ideal situation for the home gym is one type of resistant training machine like a multi gym that either work with a selectorised weight stack or that works with free weights.

What is your current level of fitness and commitment to exercise?

The level of training that you currently do will determine what home gym equipment you’ll be comfortable using from the moment it’s set up.

For instance, if you’re already a cyclist then it will be safe to say that you will make use of a stationary bike.  The bike that you then choose will depend on how much time you are used to spending on a bike.  If you’re still fairly new to cycling, then comfort needs to be a priority. Upright bikes will provide you with that comfort.  If you’re a competitive cyclist and used to spending time in the saddle, then a spin bike can be considered to really push your fitness.  We also recommend home gym equipment that could improve your performance such as various strength training equipment specifically designed for strengthening muscles needed for cycling.

It’s not so cut and dry though.  We can recommend the ideal setup, but people still have preferences.  So now you need to consider your likes and dislikes.

What are your likes and dislikes?

The fitness industry has really taken off, which means that there are so many options available to choose from within what has been recommended to you.  At Fitness Breakthru we have many options to choose from to allow you to buy what you like, so that your home gym equipment will be used, and you will get the results that you deserve.

There is one more consideration that needs to be made and that’s around the space you have at home for the equipment you’re looking to purchase.  Do you have the space needed to set up and make use of your equipment comfortably?

How much space do you have available for your home gym equipment?

If your home gym requires effort to set up each time you want to train, you’re less likely to be consistent.  So rather consider your space so that you can leave everything set up and you can jump right into training when you need to.

When you’re excited about your home gym equipment set up you’ll get that feeling of excitement every time you walk in and that’s what we want to create for you.  Your home gym should be your destress zone.  We want to see you get stronger and fitter.  We want to see you make Fitness Breakthru’s and be the best version of yourself that you can be.


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