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  • Hex Rebounder Mini Trampoline with Bungee Cords and Adjustable Height Handle

Hex Rebounder Mini Trampoline with Bungee Cords and Adjustable Height Handle

Hex Rebounder Mini Trampoline with Bungee Cords and Adjustable Height Handle

Best Price Guaranteed
  • Black and Grey Bungee Cords.
  • Best Selling Rebounder.
  • Dynamic Bounce used by many Fitness Studios in SA.
  • Superior bungee suspension system.
  • Spring Free with individual Bungee Cords.
  • Silent Bounce.
  • Load Capacity: 120kg

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Why Choose our Dynamic Bounce Hex Rebounder?

Complementing fitness and sports training and increasing core strength, cardio, speed and agility, coordination, weight loss and overall balance all while putting less stress both on the body and the mind. Get all these health benefits from the comfort of your home, gym, or office. High quality materials mean this trampoline is durable, safe, and also quiet so you can easily listen to the TV, music, or hear anyone else in the room. Bring Fitness Mini Trampoline into your home today and share the health benefits with the whole family!


Iron, Rubber. Hexagon rebounding surface, rust-resistant rugged frame for long-term use.

Adjustable Handlebar:

Adjustable handlebar provides a firm and stable gripping apparatus to maintain steady and controlling cardio exercise.

Maximum User Capacity:



114 cm

Diameter of the jump surface:

82 cm – 88 cm (Hex)


Height adjustable from 118.5 – 134.5 cm

Package Size:

99 x 48 x 10cm – 12.4kg

Installed Weight:

10.5 kg


6-Month Warranty on the mat & bungee cords. 1-Year on the frame.

What is rebounding?

Rebounding is a cardiovascular exercise typically performed on a mini trampoline. Rebounders are usually smaller and firmer, which allows for a better bounce when compared to a larger trampoline you might see outdoors. Even though a trampoline is low impact, it’s not lacking in intensity. It covers every single part of your body, and you can work up a massive sweat in just 20 minutes. It’s efficient, but mainly it’s fun. Rebounding can help work the muscles in the legs, increase your endurance, and strengthen your bones, among a number of other benefits. This type of exercise is gaining popularity because it’s gentle on the joints but allows you to work your cardiovascular system without taxing the body.

How does it benefit the body?

Rebounding offers a multitude of benefits: On the surface, it works to keep the entire body, particularly the core, legs, glutes, and back muscles, toned and strong. “Although it does wonders for weight loss, the benefits you can’t see are the most valuable” Rebounding motions not only stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps flush out toxins and fight disease, but improve balance and coordination. It enhances motor skills and provides a mental release, and can help relieve symptoms of anxiety.

NASA discovered that rebounding:

Can work the entire body without applying excess pressure to the legs and feet. Increases oxygen uptake about 68% more than running does due to the increase g-force. Benefits the body on a cellular level at a greater rate than other methods of exercising. This means that rebounding is one of the most effective cardio workouts known to man.

Why is it easier on the joints?

The soft mat and cords of a mini trampoline allow it to have “give” so that acceleration and deceleration are essentially absorbed, thus eliminating up to 80% of the shock of landing on a jump. Moving on hard surfaces like roads and sidewalks don’t have a lot of give, so they have higher impact on the joints. Low impact is great because it protects your joints without sacrificing the work for your muscles. Because of this, you can do it at any age!

Why is rebounding so well-suited to quarantine life?

Getting a proper sweat is hard to come by with most exercises that can be done in confined spaces. You can do an entire rebounding session without getting off your trampoline, so as long as you can find a space to place the trampoline, you are golden.

What’s the best way to start rebounding, particularly while social distancing?

If you are new to rebounding finding a basics class video on You Tube or online trainer that can give you tips on form. If you feel comfortable and have been doing it on your own time, you can also freestyle: Throw on a playlist that motivates you and gradually challenge yourself to move to the beat of the music, you’ll naturally push yourself more over the course of the playlist.

Is Rebounding Better than Running?

The short answer is yes, it is better than running. According to a 2016 study published in the International Journal of Sports Science, jumping on a mini trampoline or rebounding is:

  • Twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness as running.
  • 50% more efficient at burning fat.
  • A more effective training method than running to increase maximal oxygen consumption.


51 Health Benefits of Rebounding:

1. Enhances digestion and elimination.

This will not only help you feel less bloated, it will also help your body get rid of toxins.

2. Stimulates metabolism.

Having a strong metabolism helps you burn more calories throughout the day.

3. Lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Cholesterol and weight often go hand in hand, so lowering your cholesterol is important if you are concerned about your weight.

4. Reduces cellulite.

Cellulite is frequently caused by a stagnant lymph system. By increasing the lymphatic flow in your body, rebounding can reduce one of the main factors that lead to non-hereditary cellulite. Women often see a reduction in their cellulite after rebounding on a regular basis for just a few months.

5. Metabolic-supporting exercise.

Long periods of cardio exercise may actually hinder a weight loss attempt because extended periods of “breathless” exercise can decrease your metabolism. Metabolic-supporting exercise, such as rebounding, is an important part of weight loss because it allows you to breathe comfortably for the duration of your exercise.

6. Keeps lost pounds off.

Ninety percent of people who have been able to lose weight and keep it off for a year continue to do physical activity each day. Rebounding is a great way to maintain a newly acquired thinner physique.

7. Helps prevent emotional eating.

Rebounding helps regulate your mood with the rush of feel-good hormones you get from exercising. This has a direct impact on people who tend to eat when they’re upset because it helps improve mood.

8. Increases stamina to keep you going.

Rebounding on a regular basis increases your stamina by boosting your production of neurotransmitters, which help promote energy. This increased stamina allows you to have more motivation to get moving and lose weight.

9. Helps you maintain stable blood sugar.

Rebounding can lower your blood sugar level and improve the work of your insulin. This can reduce your risk of developing metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. If you already have one of these diseases, rebounding can help you to manage it.

10. Burns calories.

To lose a pound of fat, you have to have a 3,500-calorie deficit between what you consume and the calories you burn. Rebounding helps burn those calories quickly.

11. Tightens your tummy.

Rebounding allows you to do a variety of moves to target specific areas of the body. You can do oblique twists while you jump to help define your waist. As you jump, twist your hips one way and your chest the other, and then switch sides.

12. Has a domino effect.

If you wake up in the morning and do some rebounding, you will be more likely throughout the day to make healthy choices that will lead to greater weight loss.

13. Is easy and portable.

One of the best things about rebounding is that it is so accessible. You can use your rebounder inside or outside, so the weather will never prevent you from working out, but if you want to enjoy a nice day, you can take your rebounder outside. This will increase your likelihood of continuing with your rebounding schedule.

14. Pairs well with burst training and high-intensity interval training.

These two popular forms of exercise that burn calories, improve endurance, and increase overall fitness can easily be done on a rebounder, making it a more convenient way to get fit in a shorter amount of time.

Medical Benefits of Rebounding

15. Has anti-inflammatory effects.

Rebounding efficiently stimulates and helps lymphatic drainage, which has anti-inflammatory effects on your body.

16. Increase self-confidence.

Rebounding can help you feel better about yourself. Studies have shown that the simple act of doing exercises such as rebounding (rather than fitness itself) can help you believe that you look better.

17. Strengthens the heart.

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States, so paying attention to your heart health is critical.

18. Helps circulate oxygen to tissues.

Every tissue and cell in your body has to have a constant oxygen supply in order to work properly. If your tissues and cells do not get enough oxygen, every organ can be negatively impacted, especially the brain, heart, and kidneys.

19. Aids lymphatic circulation.

Your lymphatic system works alongside your cardiovascular system to keep your blood and lymphatic fluid levels balanced and to flush out toxins from your body. Your lymphatic system also moves your immune cells throughout your body to create a defence against infections.

20. Gives your body an increased G-force.

Having an increased G-force (or gravitational load) improves your health and helps your body by strengthening your musculoskeletal systems.

21. Increases lung capacity.

People suffering from lung disease may experience diminished lung capacity over time. This refers to the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use and is an important part of bringing oxygen to your cells.

22. Lowers blood pressure.

Rebounding helps your muscles to contract, which results in the rhythmic compression of veins and arteries. This helps move fluids more effectively through the body and back to the heart, which helps lower peripheral blood pressure.

23. Increases endurance.

Rebounding for over 20 minutes at a moderate level of intensity at least three times each week helps to increase your mitochondria, which benefits your overall endurance.

24. Improves balance.

Rebounding increases your brain’s responsiveness to the vestibular apparatus within the inner ear, which is responsible for your sense of balance.

25. Improves the immune system.

Rebounding boosts the immune system by stimulating the action of red bone marrow and supporting the repair of tissue.

26. Improves the endocrine system.

Because getting rid of excess hormones and toxins is an important factor in a healthy endocrine system, rebounding is a great way to correct a hormone imbalance.

27. Improves the effects of other exercises.

Studies have shown that people who rebounded for 30 seconds between each set of weight lifting saw 25% more improvement in their muscles after 12 weeks than those who didn’t rebound.

28. Reduces your risk of chronic disease.

Rebounding helps improve insulin sensitivity, heart health, and body composition while decreasing blood pressure and blood fat. These health benefits prevent you from increasing belly fat, which can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and premature death.

29. Gives you antioxidant protection.

Rebounding provides you with antioxidant protection and increases your blood flow, which can help protect the internal structure of your skin and delay signs of aging.

30. Improves sleep quality.

Rebounding on a regular basis can help you relax and get a higher quality of sleep. The energy expended during rebounding stimulates your recovery processes while you sleep.

31. Can help you quit smoking.

Rebounding can make it easier for you to quit smoking by limiting the intensity of your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It can also reduce the weight you could possibly gain once you stop smoking.

32. Improves your sexual health.

Rebounding can lower a man’s risk of erectile dysfunction or improve the sexual function of men who are already affected by erectile dysfunction. For women, exercise can help increase sexual arousal.

33. Reduces the urge to ruminate.

Research has found that doing exercises such as rebounding helps prevent people from ruminating on past negative events by altering the blood flow to the areas in the brain that trigger people to repeat stressful thoughts over and over.

34. Fights fatigue.

Maybe immediately after rebounding you feel tired, but in the long-run, rebounding increases the strength that is needed to keep fatigue at bay.

Benefits of Rebounding for Seniors

35. Helps maintain independence.

Maintaining functional independence is one thing that many aging adults want. Rebounding on a regular basis can help accomplish this if it is practiced for 30 minutes every day.

36. Reduces risk of cancer.

Doing exercise such as rebounding helps lower one’s risk for developing a variety of different types of cancer. Studies have shown a 30-40% reduction in occurrences of breast cancer among women who participate in regular exercise.

37. Arthritis management.

Rebounding is a great option for arthritis management. This type of exercise helps lubricate the joints and reduce the pain and stiffness that comes along with this disease. This type of exercise helps lubricate the joints and reduce the pain and stiffness that comes along with this disease.

38. Improves digestion.

Many seniors suffer from digestive issues such as slow digestion and constipation. Rebounding on a regular basis helps encourage digestive health and is an excellent “treatment” for people who suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort.

39. Reduces risk of developing dementia.

Studies show that living a sedentary lifestyle in later years can increase one’s risk of developing dementia. Seniors who practice rebounding for exercise are less likely to develop dementia than those who do not.

40. Increases bone density.

Rebounding can help seniors increase their bone strength and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. This can also help decrease the chances of getting a bone fracture, as one in two women and one in five men will break a bone because of osteoporosis.

41. Reverses the impact of life-long stress.

Rebounding for 30 minutes can decrease tension by increasing levels of calming brain chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. In fact, rebounding may actually work on a cellular level to help reverse the toll that stress takes on the aging process.

42. Helps you live longer.

Being able to enjoy as many special moments with your family as you can is what life is really all about. Research has recently found that doing just 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week can increase your lifespan by 3.4 years.

43. Reduces the risk of falls.

Research shows that it is best for older adults to do balance and muscle-strengthening activities, such as rebounding, to help reduce one’s risk of falling.

44. Improves memory.

Rebounding improves blood circulation to the brain, which aids in proper brain function and memory in elderly adults.

45. Slows muscle atrophy.

Rebounding helps slow down the inevitable muscle atrophy in the aging process.

46. Improves posture.

As the body ages, the curvature on the spine increases. Rebounding has been shown to help maintain proper body alignment and a strong posture.

47. Offers pain relief.

Rebounding reduces common pains that come with age such as neck pains, back pains, and headaches.

48. Prevents edema.

Rebounding can decrease the amount of blood that pools in the cardiovascular system’s veins, which helps prevent chronic edema.

49. Helps rehabilitate existing heart problems.

Rebounding can improve seniors’ recovery from heart procedures because it encourages gentle, low-impact circulation.

50. Encourages collateral circulation.

Having proper collateral circulation is important for seniors. This refers to the alternate path of circulation around a blocked artery or vein, such as a nearby blood vessel, which can prevent the aging population from experiencing strokes.

51. Easy on the joints.

Rebounding has much less impact on joints and soft tissue than other exercises. Because a trampoline is made using either springs or bungee bands, it is able to absorb most of the body’s impact with every bounce.


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Hex Rebounder Mini Trampoline with Bungee Cords and Adjustable Height Handle

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