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Aside from treadmills, another great cardio equipment that burns great amount of fat and calories are exercise bikes.

When exercising, it is normal to sometimes get bored from doing the same exercise routine over and over. If you feel this way, or you simply feel like you’ve reached the limit of what your body can burn with a certain routine, then it might be time to spice things up.

Athletes use workout routines like Brick training, which includes full bike workout, followed by a run and then a swim, in any order. Adding transitions to your routine will help kill the boredom and, not to mention, the fact that adding transitions can produce bigger and better results as well.

Cardio training is just as essential as Strength Training. With cardio training you’ll be able increase your stamina and improve your heart health. Running may be the most popular exercise in this category but cycling can also produce just as much beneficial results. With cycling, you can bulk up your leg muscles, target your glutes,

With cycling, you can bulk up your leg muscles, target your glutes, hamstrings and quads. Cycling is also much safer than running since your feet will never step on the ground therefor removing the impact that damages your leg muscles and stresses your knees, ankles and the midsole of your foot. Exercise bikes also have an added safety benefit. Since you’re indoors, you can remove the harmful effects of air pollution and not to mention the fact that their is no possibility that you would be rammed over by a moving object or person.

In many cases it comes down to preference when deciding between a treadmill and a bike or but. But with an exercise bike, the heavier the person using it is and the faster he or she goes the more the calories they burn. Unlike with running, the heavier you are and the faster you go the more impact your legs accumulate leading into a potential injury in the long run if not taken care of properly. Either way, cycling and running are both great exercises to lose weight and improve a person’s stamina. You just have to weigh in the benefits and choose what suits you best at the moment. For example, you feel like you’re stressing your leg muscles when running and if you think the impacts compromises the performance of your run then for a bike instead. It may take you longer to burn the calories than running but safety should be your first priority. If you’re much comfortable with running then you may proceed doing so since it is believed to help you lose weight faster. In the end, both of these will benefit you. You just have to be smart with choosing what’s best for you or for much better results why not integrate both in your cardio training?